I started a new Instagram account and it’s all about plants

I started a new Instagram account, and can you guess what it’s about?

The account is the story of my garden, which is here in Cape Town where we’re having a really hard time with a two year long drought. Our city is jammed between a booming population, growing industries and the lowest rainfall in over a century. We’ve been living with water restrictions that are gradually getting tighter and tighter. Currently, we are all limited to 50 litres of fresh water a day which means very short showers, lots of dry shampoo, using grey water to flush the toilet – and never, ever, watering the garden with fresh water. NEVER.

Luckily, I have been a succulent collector for a few years now (some say fanatic!) so shifting my garden to minimal water use was quite an easy transition.

Some of my plant-babies have survived, and well, some haven’t. The aloes are going strong, but some of the more delicate succulents need a little protection from the harsh South African sun.



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