The Kitchen Gadget That Cooks Eggs Perfectly

We all have that one kitchen tool that we couldn’t live without. You know the one – the serrated pairing knife, the wooden chopping board, the non-stick frying pan? I have one of these too, and it has changed how I cook eggs forever.

Eggs for breakfast

What is it?

A plastic nugget about the size of a large egg.


The Egg Timer of Your Dreams

What’s it good for?

This gadget takes all the guess work out of boiled eggs – for breakfast on toast, in salads, on your ramen. It’s also great for cooking a batch of eggs for the family at different temperatures.

Eggs for lunch

Eggs for dinner


How do you use it?

Start with a saucepan of room temperature water. Place the raw eggs and the egg timer inside the saucepan – yup _inside_ the saucepan. Turn on the heat, a full boil is not necessary. I find that a medium simmer actually results in a better cooked eggs, as well as buying you some time while you put the rest of the meal together.

Then just keep an eye on it from time to time, and select when to pull the eggs off the heat. Soft yolks for soldiers? You want to grab them off the heat earlier, and plunge into ice water for a minute. Medium glossy eggs – I like to wait until half way between medium and hard. This is mostly because I’m terrified of runny yolks, and I don’t want to risk having to eat them.

When you’re done, rinse off the timer and leave on the dish rack. As it cools it will return to its original, room temperature colour. Chuck it into the drawer and keep it close for the next eggy emergency.


Middle (soft yolk)

A Happy Ending

How does it work?

It just does. Don’t question it.

Perfectly Cooked Eggs, According to Me

Where do I get this magical eggy-thing?

Find them at any good kitchen store or online at:

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