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Koek Sisters

Do you know someone who loves food, who loves to cook and above all, loves to eat? Perhaps you have a friend who is crazy about wine – tasting and swirling and gurgling and perhaps being a little irritating at the same time? Or do you have a relative who loves entertaining and faffing, for…


Back Area Gardens

This piece, unlike my previous postings, provided a particular challenge. While aiming to remain true to my New Year’s Resolution, my aim was to connect with my food, and more intimately, connect with the person responsible for my food. I thought at first, that that shouldn’t present a problem at all. After all I am…


Baps Shayona, Rylands

Katy has a Food Adventure or  A Serious Post on Food &  Culture This past week was a clean page, a leaf overturn’d. I was out to learn new things, talk to new people, gain new knowledge and hopefully, begin a new and more involved life. It wasn’t a decision I had been mulling over;…


Kloovenburg Olives

Olives around a Braai (translation for Katy’s foreign guests: Barbeque) If you’re a fan of Katy’s Table, you will be familiar with my love of all things delicious coming out of the Riebeeck Valley in the Swartland (see Beans about Coffee). Not only is the Riebeeck Valley renowned for its wines, it also has ideal…

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