Revolver Coffee, Vancouver

It’s been (bean?) a while since I’ve found a truly inspired, passionate, honest coffee bar. Revolver is that place: the coffee is serious; and the coffee is excellent.  I looked a bit strange as I stopped and cocked my head to one side: Emily thought I had had too much wine at lunch. I was listening to the milk, I explained (obviously!) The sound of the Barista stretching and steaming the milk was as near to perfect as I’ve ever heard.

These guys know what they’re doing.



Tasting Flights are all the rage here in Vancouver. A selection of 3 delicious morsels, usually arranged by style or region. So why stop at Beer, Ale, Whiskey and Wine? Because we had had wine at lunch (not that much!) and I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere (and that sound!) I found it hard to choose which coffee to order. Why not try a coffee flight? So I left the choice in the hands of the Baristas who selected, and brewed for me three single-estate coffees. Unlike Wine Tastings, which only get better and more fun as the tasting progresses, Coffee Tasting is a little more intense and requires some perseverance. This is possibly because I lack the vocabulary and points of reference to adequately describe coffee (as I am able to do endlessly and pompously with wine). This tasting was not fun. It was definitely work. But I can appreciate that the best way to taste anything is by comparison, and I really enjoy the linear tasting format and the ability to jump from one to the other, and back again. However, being a bit rusty with the barista skills, I had no idea whatsoever what I was tasting, and even after cheating and looking at the card, I was still clueless.


Emily’s Latte was heavenly however, (there’s that milk again) and I could tell, was going down much smoother than my three tasters. I picked up a little coffee tasting journal, which I’m hoping will steer me on the right path in the future.

Revolver is serious about coffee, and if the coffee is a bit over your head, the friendly atmosphere is warm and refreshing at the same time. And then, there’s always people watching.

Revolver Coffee   325 Cambie St  Vancouver, BC 604 558 4444

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