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Do you know someone who loves food, who loves to cook and above all, loves to eat? Perhaps you have a friend who is crazy about wine – tasting and swirling and gurgling and perhaps being a little irritating at the same time? Or do you have a relative who loves entertaining and faffing, for whom laying tables and packing picnic baskets is sheer bliss? Of course you do. You’re reading Katy’s Table: let’s be honest here, you probably ARE that person. I am That Person. And so I know, that when you’re looking for the perfect gift for That Person -the Foodie in your life- there is nothing better appreciated than a gadget. Need gadgets? You need YuppieChef.co.za.

My dear sister Jess (aspiring chef and talented maker of all things sweet and fattening) recently got her hands on a Yuppie Chef Letterpress Cookie Set. She  suggested we have a sisterly bake day: Jess was in charge of anything edible and well, I was always better at spelling so maybe I could be useful in the kitchen after all. Jess did her research (of course) and made up a batch of vanilla cookie dough from the Yuppie Chef Letterpress site, which turned out just beautifully. There are great tips on the site, which really helped us along our way. The number one tip must be ‘Keep your dough refrigerated from beginning to end’. The tip Yuppie Chef doesn’t mention is that this cookie making business could take some time. A fair bit of planning is involved too – it’s a good idea to plan your text in advance so as to use your letters strategically and as efficiently as  possible. The set comes with three cookie cutters and  an extra line of text to use with your own cookie cutters: so there is a limit as to how much text you can compose at any one time. Also fiddling around with little plastic thingys can be tricky – this is not a kid- or pet-friendly activity! We needed to shape our plastic letters with a bit of sandpaper to get them to slide into the tracks easily, but as this was the first time we had used the set, it really wasn’t too much trouble. Once we got pressing our letters, boy there was no stopping us! After we had baked them off, Jess added some very pretty and professional decoration and Ta-Dah: gorgeous, personalised cookies. At least one member of the family was overheard to lament  “They’re so pretty, I don’t want to eat them…” Which never happens in our house. Never.




Cookies by Jess

Cookies by Jess

Also in Jess’ package from Yuppie Chef is the Mode Fridge Monkey, which is basically a yoga mat for your wine bottles. The website says the Fridge Monkey is great for organising your fridge and storing bottles of all kinds – water, soft drinks, even milk. Pffft! Whatever. We all know that the only bottles Katy’s Monkey is going to see are wine bottles, champagne bottles and an occasional bottle of Tonic Water. Balancing all the bottles on top of each other is great fun, and it made me feel very clever. It’s even easy to get your bottles to balance after you’ve had a few tipples, which I think makes the Monkey well worth R55. Cheers Monkey!

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