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Olives around a Braai (translation for Katy’s foreign guests: Barbeque)

If you’re a fan of Katy’s Table, you will be familiar with my love of all things delicious coming out of the Riebeeck Valley in the Swartland (see Beans about Coffee). Not only is the Riebeeck Valley renowned for its wines, it also has ideal conditions for olive groves. So while I was in pursuit of delicious wines at Kloovenburg Estate, I accidentally discovered the most delicious olives this side of the Mediterranean!

I am an avid olive fan. Sometimes I worry that my sweet tooth has abandoned me, because often I would rather have a delicious savoury snack (think caper berries, olives, cheeses, white anchovies) than my usual favourites (chocolates and candies, chocolate-inspired wine such as Diemersfontein Pinotage, Cape Port wines and so on). OK, I’m just making excuses. I love to snack on most food, it’s just a question of mood. So I try to stock my pantry with little olive morsels for when the savoury-salty mood strikes.

Recently, I’ve found the generic supermarket olive selection to be narrow at best and unappetizing at worst – packaged in very-trendy-from-the-90’s standing plastic cone-shaped thingys, overly salty, heavy on the liquid content and sometimes a weird greyish greenish murky colour. Not so with the olives from Kloovenburg! Firstly, the range is so extensive. Yes there are the standard green and black olives. But then there are Sundried Olives with rosemary (delicious!), olive jam, olive chutney (great on a cheese platter), olive tapenade (regular and vegetarian), dipping oils, salad dressings and pesto’s. And then we get to my ALL TIME FAVOURITES: Smoked Olives or as I like to think of them – a group of olives who spent too much time hanging around the braai – because that’s just what they taste like! And while you’re there, try some of the amazing olive-based cosmetics – hand creams, bath oils and lip balms are just a start. Oh, and they also make award-winning wine. I know it’s a bit early in the year for this: but could there be a better (and more scenic) place to do your one-stop Christmas Shopping?

And to save on petrol, I’ve found a very reasonable selection of Kloovenburg Olive products at Kenilworth Spar, Cape Town. I also noticed that the Olive kings at Kloovenburg do wonderful gift hampers, available at Christmas time, great for the Foodie in the family. Perfect at home or in the picnic hamper – Kloovenburg raises Farm Stall produce up a level to Delicatessen Finery worthy of Katy’s Table.

Kloovenburg Estate for Winery, Tasting, Olives, Distributors & Guesthouse

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